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9 December 2021


  • the financial market, particularly the financial management of the company, sources and forms of capital, change in the structure of financing, forecast financial plans,
  • capital market, equity financing (stocks or shares),
  • issues relating to banking and managerial accounting,
  • assessment of the current state of the business, the economic outlook, implementation of remedial actions,
  • negotiating and supporting investment decisions, representation,
  • supervision, advice and consultancy in the area of enterprise legal status, ownership structure and corporate responsibilities,
  • financing by issuing bonds and equities – Warsaw Stock Exchange (GPW) and NewConnect and Catalyst market, the Financial Supervision Commission (KNF),
  • improving the efficiency of the enterprise,
  • evaluating the profitability of the transaction (merger),
  • restructuring and optimization of the company,
  • financing energy and energy efficient innovative projects in the development of Renewable Energy Sources (OZE),
  • cooperation with the Investment Fund,
  • Acquisition financing is a type Mezzanine, Private Equity and Venture Capital – construction investments, projects and development projects,

Financial analysis and management of current assets

Adequate financing and management of current assets is a fundamental issue that should be borne in mind in order to maintain financial liquidity. Repetitive, cyclical activities of the operator and the inevitable fluctuations in sales and commitments translate into continuous changes in the value and structure of assets. In order To manage the current assets be so effective, accurate and reliable financial analysis of company must be carried out, then based on knowledge of current economic trends and analysis of the industry, you should take the appropriate strategic actions.

Management of current assets, together with previous analysis of financial businesses are particularly demanding and complex tasks. However it is worth investing in resources and time – in the long term, their effort certainly pays off.  First in the form of well-taken, based on an analytical approach, decision and then in real profits of capital. Success is written for well-managed company.

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